Recorder Making Course With Tim Cranmore


We will supply you with ready-drilled blanks for the recorder you are going to make, and all tools. Models available are Stanesby alto 440 or 415, voice flute Denner 415, or C tenor 440. Workshop overalls, with dust and eye protection, will be provided, and note that, although we have third party insurance, you should have your own personal accident cover. It’s useful to have some woodturning experience before you arrive.

Day One

  • Welcome and health and safety intro
  • Recorder bore theory, measuring the bore and how it relates to tuning
  • Designing and making a head joint reamer
  • Using the reamer to complete the head joint bore
  • Woodturning practice, making some foot joint shapes

Day Two

  • Turning the external profile using drawings
  • Introduction to the windway cutter

Day Three

  • Cutting the windway
  • Cutting the labium and window

Day Four

  • Block making and finishing
  • Completing the beak of the recorder
  • Oiling the recorder

Day Five

  • Threading the joints
  • Demonstration of tuning and voicing by Tim using your instruments
  • Tea and flapjacks

Course Schedule

Click here to open the recorder making course schedule document.